Image of Jacky Gris

Malgré tout ce que l'on peut lire ou entendre, nous sommes de ceux qui pensons que certains préjugés sont vrais : derrière chaque amoureux de l'automobile se cache un Jacky, un vrai.
N'ayez pas peur et assumez-le avec notre sweat "l'orignal Jacky de Paris".
Impression noire par sérigraphie, pull gris à raglan, col rond et coupe ajustée.

"L'original Jacky de Paris".
To be honest, this one is not so easy to translate, but we will try :
in France, a guy who "badly" modifies a car is called "un Jacky" and that kind of person is frowned upon by the rest of the community, "we are not the same, we don't have the same taste or style" will say the other enthusiasts. We quite agree but lets explain a bit further, open our minds : actually we modify cars too, just not in the same style, not as loud nor lairy, less is more approach. We do modify our cars too, so we can also say that we are "Jackys" too in a certain way. Don't be shy and go for it, at the end of the day we all love our cars. They call us "Boyracer" or "Chav" in the UK, "Redneck" in America, "Ronny" in Belgium, "ATU tuner" in Germany.
To conclude and to give a close british translation, that will probably be something like "the Proper Chav from Mayfair", for those you know London pretty well.
Silkscreen black printed, crew neck dark grey sweater, with raglan sleeves construction, oversize cuffs and bottom hem rib.

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